The one person behind Wide Bay ITV is seasoned executive producer Phillip Harris. In the early 2000’s Phil lived in Bundaberg and worked here for channel 7 as a news camera operator and editor for 7 Local News prior to returning to his home town of Melbourne in 2003.

Over the following fourteen years he created and produced the long running tv series River To Reef as well as being the advertising agent for the Melbourne boat show in 2015, 2017 and 2018.

Early in his career Phil was a founding member of Eastern Regional Access TV (ERA TV) that became a member of the Melbourne Community TV Consortium (MCTC) owners and operators of community Channel 31 in Melbourne. This involved creating a community group that went on to produce and broadcast many programs as they still do today.

Phil’s TV career stretches back thirty plus years and it became evident that local programming in the Wide Bay – Burnett region was limited to the local news broadcast only.

The region has many events and activities the local community are proud of that at one time graced local tv screens. It was while working at channel 7 in Bundaberg Phil came across many old video tapes from the time before aggregation. (Aggregation is the term used to describe the ability for main capitol city broadcasters to transmit programs on to a regional TV station) Some of the programs viewed were from the Sunshine Television Network days. These were local programs like the surf carnival, Anzac day march, Summertime surf girl quest and many others.

While aggregation was good at bringing a more diverse range of programs to the regions it came at the cost of locally produced content. Today with more and more people switching television off and moving to on-line streaming services like Netfix and others, it has given a new opportunity to return locally made content to the regions. Delivery is on-line and its FREE, no paid subscription, just register and your good to go.