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WideBayiTV Is Your Local video on demand (VOD) and LIVE Streaming TV Channel

In a world where streaming services reign supreme, it can be easy to forget about the importance of local visual media. That’s why we’re excited to bringing you the best in local sports, entertainment, and more on our own streaming TV channel that’s FREE to view.

At WideBayiTV, we’re committed to showcasing the stories and voices of our community. We believe that by supporting a local channel, we can return local content to the community and strengthen the bond with local businesses that support the channel. When you watch WideBayiTV, you’re not just watching TV – you’re supporting your community.

356,417 views of our shows - August 2022 to March 2023

Made In Bundaberg - In Production

Country Cooks
aka Bundy on a Plate

Music Scene

The New Game Panel

30 Minutes Per Week

30 Minutes Per Week​

40 Minutes Bi-Monthly

Audience: male & female 35-55

Audience: male & female 35-55

Audience: male & female 14-45

Local identity Joey Caruana cooks his way around the region as we meet local food producers and retailers.

With over 25% of Australia’s fresh produce coming from the region it makes complete sense to show this off to the nation in a locally made cooking program that also features our amazing outdoor locations, local growers and culinary experts.

AJ Campbell (centre) leads the way in a music show with a difference.

With 40 + gigs per week taking place in the region its was high time we had a place to meet and chat to the people who entertain us with a tune or two along the way.

Josh and Molly explore the pop culture scene in and around the wide Bay in this studio based show with prerecorded segments and visiting guests.

Pop culture is a global phenomenon with aspects sparked by fictional super heroes and cosplay.

The Collectors

Creative Space

30 Minutes

30 Minutes Per Week

Audience: family - male & female 15-80

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Audience: female dominent 25 - 75

Have you ever wondered what’s behind that shed door and why people collect stuff. Victoria Clarke meets with the collectors and discovers the passion and dedication behind some of the regions collections.

Corina Robinson meets some of the regions artisans who share their thought processes and passion for the creative field they have entered.


The Kick Off

The Cricket Show

AFL Footy Show

60 Minutes Per Week in season

60 Minutes Per Week in season

60 Minutes Per Week in season

Audience: male dominant 15-75

Audience: family - male & female 15-80

Audience: male dominant 25-55

Dean Holdsworth keeps us informed about all things rugby league in and around the region. With game vision and local league identities The Kick Off is the meeting place for all who love the game in our region.

The first season of The Cricket Show is off to a flying start with over 1000 views of the first episode in its first week. Hosted By Bundy locals Rhys Grills and David Boge.

Right from the first episode AFL fans from across the region and further afield love the banter and shenanigans but most of all, watching a locally made show thats about them. Hosted by Jimmy Power and Griffin Webb.

As one viewer put it “this should be on in prime time”

Other Shows

We are adding more shows all the time. Head & Tail billboards and commercials can be included. Speak to us about available options. Below is a small sample.


Reach Our Audience

We’ve made it super easy and ultra cheap to be a part of a local program that reaches our audience.


Below are many options all designed to stand out and embed branding into a show or series of shows. Being a part of a show has many benefits over simply being an advertiser. Being a part of a show ensures you will be their every time the show is viewed and not just in the ad break. We have shows where the embedded businesses are still receiving calls via re-runs some 15 years after the initial airing. That’s the unrivalled power of being a part of a show.

Head & Tail Billboards

Head & Tail Billboards are the first and last word of any program. “This program is proudly brought to you by your…..(brand)”. The first words and images of a show are yours along with the prestige of being the naming partner. Billboards are embedded into each episode so they remain with the show even years later.

In-Show Brand Exposure

Desk Monitor

Handball Target

Remote Interview

Call To Action Message

Several of our shows have a desk monitor that’s visible a lot of the time and is a great place to put your brand front and centre.*

Place your logo across the handball target and get up to 10 minutes exposure.*

Live links are another way of exposing your brand. Several shows use this method of bringing in remote guests like zoom.

Be a part of the show with a call to action message during the program with a pop up or crawl across the screen.

SET BACKGROUND: On set logo’s give massive exposure over long periods in every episode.*

Advertorial - Segments within shows

Some shows have segments specifically to showcase/demonstrate your products/services to our viewers and range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes in length including production. All segments are tailored to fit your needs.



Outside Broadcasts & Special Events

Our state of the art equipped OB van has everything needed to live stream and record multi camera events from just about any location in the region. We can even include remote guests via video link from anywhere in the world.

Recent Live Broadcasts

Live broadcasts reach far beyond the boundary fence. Speak with us to learn how embedding your brand into a live broadcast plus the on-demand replays deliver exceptional value for events, sponsors and advertisers.

Studio Production

Our spacious state of the art television studio is fully air conditioned, has DMX controlled LED lighting, some sets, is sound proof and ready for your next production. This is the only working Queensland TV studio North of the Sunshine Coast.

TV Commercial Production & Distribution

We make and distribute TV commercials to all the broadcasters. Contact us for a no obligation quote on your commercial needs.

For bookings, customised packages and more information call.


Phillip Harris

Managing Director

0418 828 902

Email: programming@widebayitv.com