Studio productions have special requirements like sound proofing, air conditioning, a rig to hang lights from and power to run them. There are lots of requirements but its extremely rare to locate one in any regional centre that’s sitting vacant, let alone in Bundaberg, but that’s exactly what we did find at the rear of the old channel 7 studio in Quay street. The studio is in perfect condition and is set to go back into production making a range of local shows for Wide Bay ITV.

Shows that are planned include an Agri panel show, a light entertainment program called In Bundy Tonight. A fishing show, Wide Bay Business, Friday night flicks and many more to come.

The Wide Bay – Burnett region is getting a new local tv service to be delivered on-line and based in Bundaberg says Executive producer Phillip Harris.

With local long form content on the regions screens long gone and leaving a huge gap to fill, it was time to start our very own TV station. We will be making some high quality local shows and encourage the community to get filming as we also want some community made shows. 

Since regional TV aggregation in Queensland in 1990, there has been a slow but steady decline in local content as the big city stations took over the airwaves. This month (May 2021) WIN and Nine have announced further cuts in regional news across Victoria and Queensland stating that a state news bulletin will replace local news. 

Even 7 Local news has declined in a cost cutting effort by the 7 Network with the sale of the Bundaberg Quay street studio and major staff cuts. WIN and Ten have also cut back in the region with even more cuts to come.

We are all watching programs on Youtube, Netfix, SBS on-demand, ABC iView etc. WideBayITV is no exception with the biggest difference being locally made content mixed with other high quality Australian made shows.

Stay tuned, lots more to come.