Q: What benefits does community TV have for my community?

A: Community television or in this case streaming brings communities together by allowing locals to produce and share stories and events relevant to the wider community. This brings with it the opportunity for individuals to gain real world experience in production that increases the possibility to full time employment.

Q: Where does the money come from to run WBITV?

A: Community TV is generally run by volunteers however money is needed to purchase equipment, pay rent for studio and office space, pay utilities bills and maintain equipment. Ultimately funding comes from the community by donations, fund raising and the selling advertising space and program sponsorship to businesses.

Q: Can my community group make a show and have it broadcast?

A: Yes subject to our programmer giving the go ahead. Talk to us about your idea.

Q: What exposure can my business receive by sponsoring a show?

A: Being a show sponsor is the best way of reaching our audience. Your brand will be seen as supporting the community and be embedded within the program so it will be there every time the show is seen, no matter the time or even if the show is shared with another broadcaster as can often be the case.

Q: I am a person with no experience in production. Can I get involved?

A: Yes you can, no experience is needed to become involved in WBITV.

Q: Is training available and is it free?

A: Yes WBITV will be conducting training sessions several times a year or as needed and its completely free.