What is Wide Bay ITV?

It is the Wide Bay – Burnett’s streaming and video on demand (VOD) channel available anywhere an internet connection is available on any device. With programs made in the region.

Is this a free service or do I have to pay to view?

Yes its completely free to view. We don’t require anything from you to be able to watch all our programs.

I am facing video playback issues. What do I do?

Make sure you have a good internet connection. Low data rates can be an issue however if you can watch YouTube videos with no hassles you can watch us. If playback issues continue speak to your internet service provider and run a speed test to check your internet speeds.

Can I or my group make a program and have it play on Wide Bay ITV?

Yes you can and we encourage the community to be involved with making programs. You can find more information here https://wbmytv.com/make-tv/

Who pays for Wide Bay ITV and how is it funded?

Wide Bay ITV is funded through the selling of advertising space and program sponsorships.

Working for Wide Bay ITV

Wide Bay ITV is a small privately owned and run community channel. While we do employ some skilled people in key operational roles the majority are volunteers. When vacancies for paid positions arise they will be advertised on our own social media sites where you may apply.