1. What Personal Information About Users Does WideBayITV Collect?

When you register for a free account you give us your first name, last name, email address and user name.


2. Cookies and Web Beacons

This site does not use cookies or beacons

3. Third Party Payment Gateway – Financial Information

As this site is free to use we do not have a payment gateway and do not collect financial institution information.


4. Disclosure Children’s Privacy

With regard to all our programming and content of this site we take the safety of children very seriously. Should a situation arise that this web site be compromised by any third party due to security issues beyond our control. WideBayITV and its parent company will take any action necessary to protect children. However, WideBayITV take no responsibility for the actions of others outside our control. Should such an issue arise the company will take all means necessary to rectify any breach.


5. Data transfer, storage & processing globally

All data collected remains the property of WideBayITV and will not be shared to any other party.