If you would like to submit a program idea, here is how to do it.

Wide Bay ITV (internet television) is our very own community streaming and VOD platform, like Netflix or SBS On-Demand.

You’ll find faces, voices and issues on WBITV which are not present in mainstream television – and you could be one of them!

This program proposal kit is a basic guide for new producers and program makers who wish to make programs for broadcast on WBITV.

In this kit, you will find information and tools which should assist you to develop proposals for programs.

The WBITV programming team are here to help you formulate and create great local content and as such are at your disposal if you have any questions, or just need a push in the right direction.

You can contact the team using the details below, we can’t wait to see your great idea!

What to expect

When processing new show submissions, we typically require you to go through four major stages.

Stage 1: Program Proposal

A program proposal is an introductory document that allows us to understand what your concept is in detail.

Consider it like an elevator pitch for your show, in other words sell us on the idea of it. Allow us to gain a better idea of what your concept really is and how well it will fit into either our broadcast schedule or is it a better fit for on-demand.

Once you’ve submitted your program proposal, our programming team will assess your proposal and either approve you for submission of a pilot (if not supplied already) or ask you to further refine your concept and resubmit it.

Stage 2: Pilot

Once your proposal has been approved, you will then be required to submit a pilot for review.

Pilots can be submitted by FTP (preferred) or USB, and will be assessed based on content and technical execution in relation to our programming policy.

Stage 3: Production

After submission and approval of a pilot, production of your series can commence.

During this time, WBITV can offer assistance in finding volunteers, equipment and other practical elements related to the production and broadcast of your show.

Stage 4: Broadcast

When your series is finished and ready for broadcast, a time slot will be assigned by our programmer.

You will also be asked to sign a Program Broadcast License agreement, which details the programs clearances and conditions of broadcast.

Specs and Tips

Use this as a guide when constructing answers for your program proposal.

Series Length

A typical season for WBITV is 10 weeks long, meaning that ideally your program will meet that
full season commitment. That being said, we will make every effort to accommodate any one-off, shorter or longer run series.

Episode Duration

Programs that adhere to the following timeslots will be highly regarded when scheduling content for a new season:

30 minute timeslot (25 minute program duration, in three segments as one continuous file) 60 minute timeslot (50 minute program duration, in five segments as one continuous file)


Sponsorship refers to any product, service or money that you have received in return for promoting a brand. Your sponsor/s can be advertised through billboards and advertising spots before, after or during breaks but be aware WBITV will charge a negotiated fee to broadcast any program that contains sponsor brands or advertisements. To avoid disappointment speak with the WBITV programmer and clarify exactly how and where your sponsor brands will appear. Ensure that you discuss this with your programming manager if you’d like to move ahead.

Use of Third-Party Content.

It is likely that at some stage you will want to use pre-existing audio and visual content in your program, however it is vital that you obtain permissions from the copyright owner before including it within your production and putting it to air.

Any music used in any production must be either copyright free or licensed by the program producer for use.

Writing Your Proposal

A written proposal should include the following information:

– Program Title
– Synopsis (max 200 words) A brief description of what your concept is.

– Audience or Target Demographic. What community segment or demographic will you be tailoring your show to? This helps programmers find the ideal time slot for your show.

– Episode Duration. What runtime are you targeting?
– Series Length How many episodes will you have in a season?
– Filming Locations. An idea of where you are going to be filming (in a studio, on location etc.).

– Target Classification How do you expect your program to be classified?
– Copyright. Do you have the relevant licenses for any copyrighted materials you plan to include in your program?
– Previous Experience. Consider including a link to your portfolio or content you’ve previously Produced if any.
– Crew Requirements. How much crew will you need for your production? How do you plan on sourcing crew members?
– Equipment Access. Do you have access to equipment? If not, how do you plan on acquiring it?
– Funding. How do you intend to fund your program?
– Additional Information

If you would like to submit a pilot episode with your proposal, please make contact with programming via the email below.

Contact WBITV Programming

Email: programming@widebayitv.com