Let’s Talk Motorsport is a 60 minute, per week, 100% motorcycle sport focused program that offers our viewers the opportunity to get to know the personalities they see on the track. Episodes are delivered on-line and feature local and international competitors past and present. Motorcycle race fans and competitors are the majority of our viewers.

After initially launching from a standing start in February 2020, production was brought to a halt during the Victorian Covid-19 second wave lock-down in July 2020. Re launch of this well received series is planned for the second half of 2021.



Put your brand in front of our audience with an all encompassing package giving indefinite exposure.


10 Second Head and Tail Billboard

Shared 2 x ways. 2 x per show. One at the head (This program proudly brought to you by…Your company…..includes graphic and voice over) and One at the tail. (This program was proudly brought to you by…Your company…..includes graphic and voice over)

Dominant On Set Logos

(On set logos are highly visible for lengthy periods during each episode)

A dominant logo is just that, its dominant and stands out, we have 2 x packages each consisting of 16 logo positions on our background making sure your logo is highly visible and dominant across each episode such as the Fujitsu and Amart logos displayed here.

(Logos displayed are for demonstration purposes only)

Guest Interview Sponsor

Take 50% ownership of remote interviews with your logo on screen while our special guest is on-air. Exclusive shared rotation between two (High End Package partners).

On Screen Crawl

(pull through) up to 60 characters plus your logo and includes 2 x runs per episode. These are a great attention grabber and perfect for a call to action message. (Not shared, these are individual brand exclusive)

(Graphic displayed is for demonstration purposes only)

In-Show Product or Service Plug

Mark will plug your product or service at least once during the course of a show. (This will be mentioned, or in conversation with a call to action and can include an actual product as a talking point).

Ten-Second In-Show Ad

A fully produced 10 second commercial inserted three times per episode placed in the breaks between segments. One-off ad production $450 T’s & C’s apply or supply a completed production at no cost.

In-Show Editorial

Being a major partner opens doors. Should your business or brand be involved in motorcycle sport, maybe you sponsor riders and/or news that can become a part of the show. While not a given, partners with good editorial content will be given genuine consideration for inclusion into and episode or episodes of the series.

Monthly Competition

Our in show and web site promoted monthly competitions are brought to our audience courtesy of our two x premium high end partners, further extending the reach of both brands.

Web-Site Content

Our website is where shows are viewed, competitions are entered and news is read. It’s also the place where your company logo is placed on every page in a clickable 728 x 90 leader board banner ad with a hyperlink back to your website. It’s all about web traffic and the more we can put your way, the better.

Facebook & Instagram Content

With shows live streamed to Facebook and with several thousand followers as of May 2021, we are including 10 weeks of Facebook posts in this package to our main page HERE and our Facebook group HERE. Plus 10 posts to our Instagram HERE.

E-Blast Content

Included with this package are 10 opportunities for your brand to include news items about your products and/or services. You just need to supply the content and leave the rest to us. Our monthly competition generates a database of qualified leads we can directly market your products or services via our monthly E-Blasts.

Standard On Set Logos

(On set logos are highly visible for lengthy periods during each episode)

We have four packages each consisting of eight logo positions on our background, making sure your logo is highly visible across each episode, such as the RMIT, Coles, Border Express & Under Armour example logos displayed here.

(Logos displayed are for demonstration purposes only)

Events Billboard

(Each week Mark highlights the up coming events) Your brand logo will be included on the events billboard, shared with three other partners.