The Wide Bay AFL Footy Show

1 Seasons Apr 2022

Hosted by Jimmy Power & Griffin Webb the panel discusses the weeks local AFL games and includes fun challenges with local sporting identities, special guests and competitions filmed with a live audience from the Bundaberg studio.

River to Reef

2 Seasons Nov 2021

In production for over 14 years. Join the team on a fishing, boating and outdoor adventure across Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia

Top Of Down Under

1 Seasons Nov 2021

The First Lady of Four Wheel Driving is on a quest to discover the hidden gems across Australia.

Classic Restos

1 Seasons Nov 2021

Hosted by popular personality ‘Fletch’ who, in his own distinct style, searches Australia and all around the world, to reveal classic cars and their owners’ stories.

Roaming The Outback

1 Seasons Nov 2021

What if I asked you to take one year off work and explore Australia. Just one year. See yourself now, where would you go, what would you do?…It’s always been my desire to get away from the big smoke and explore the great wilderness areas that Australia has to offer. Well I did it and […]

Let’s Talk Motorsport

1 Seasons Nov 2021

Join Mark Bracks and guests in conversation on Australia’s weekly streaming motorcycle sport program.

Over 50 So What!

1 Seasons Nov 2020

So What if you’re over 50, Life is full of exciting adventures. You might want to go scuba diving, drive a motorbike, go back to uni, start a business or learn to sing.

Atomic Kingdom

2 Seasons Jan 2022

Atomic Kingdom is a 10 episode series of stories depicting the struggles of various heroes within the Kingdom as they fight to stop the twisted Madam Lyra from taking over their World. Taking place 500 years after world war 3 and set within the Atomic Kingdom (once known as Australia before the revolution of 2190). […]

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