When we have vacancies they will be listed here and on our social media sites so follow them to be alerted to any positions that are advertised. We are always looking for Volunteers for in front and behind the camera. Volunteering is a great way to gain skills in television program production that are otherwise not available without travelling to a larger city and paying for the course.

We have very limited paid employment opportunities. Paid full time jobs are mostly confined to highly skilled broadcast and IT professionals however from time to time other paid positions may become available.

See below for our current list of open in front of camera positions that you can apply for here.

Fishing Queensland Presenters & Host


We aim for this to become a big show watched every week by the Queensland fishing community.

This is how we see it: Its big and loud, full of fun and facts. This studio based show will include guests from all over Queensland including special celebrity fishing personalities. It has a fun element we are keeping close to our chest for the moment that will have everyone watching and talking.

The facts: This is studio based and its predominantly a talk show about fishing and will include clips and guests either in the studio if they are local or via video link from anywhere in the world.

The potential: These roles could become either paid part or full time, this will be based on the success of the show and the commitment you make to its being a success.

Who are we looking for? Three or four regular presenters who can banter together while keeping it clean as we are family focussed. Male or female or a mix of both. Must be over 18, be obsessed with fishing and love talking about it with complete strangers. If that sounds like you or someone you know please apply using the form below. Make sure to indicate which show you are applying for and tell us why you think you are the right fit.

Bundy On A Plate Host & Presenters


We live in the food bowl so break out your best recipes and lets get cooking. This is Bundy’s cooking showcase.

This is how we see it: We meet everyday people who have a love of cooking whether its in a back yard the kitchen by a river bank or somewhere else in our region. Our host fills us in a little about the person we are about to meet then we meet them and get to it. More will be revealed to the successful applicant.

The facts: Mostly filmed on location or in a persons kitchen. Our host will need to be a good ad-libber, personable and have a burning passion for food, the ingredients and sharing your thoughts with us. You are the one asking the questions, smelling the aromas and tasting the tastes so you will need to share this with our viewers.

The potential: Initially as a voluntary role we aim for this to quickly become a part or full time position for the right person.

Who are we looking for? You don’t have to be a chef or the worlds best cook but you do have to have some life experience and a love of food, the preparation and cooking with a strong interest in people, their recipes and the story behind them.

18+ Apply using the form below. Make sure to indicate which show you are applying for and tell us why you are the one we have been looking for.

The Garden Show Presenters


With our climate and passionate gardeners its time we had our very own garden show. We are seeking a few passionate gardeners that can help us as program makers create a garden show we can all enjoy and learn from. If you are a Gardening Australia ABC TV viewer you already get the idea.

This is how we see it: Our presenters show and tell us about planting and caring for plants in our region including fruits grown here and the times of year for planting, maintenance, pest control and all the little bits of information we take for granted that others may not know about. This is the Wide Bay Burnett and Queensland exclusive gardening show. Full details will be discussed with the applicants.

The facts: Filmed on location in the Wide Bay Burnett region.

The potential: Can become paid part time if successful. We aim for this to be the go-to destination for all passionate gardeners not only across Queensland but the nation.

Who are we looking for? Committed passionate gardeners. You do not have to have any media experience just a strong knowledge in your own field, we will take care of the rest. This could be flowers, vegetables, trees or maybe fruit trees. Anything goes.

18+ Apply using the form below. Make sure to indicate which show you are applying for and tell us a little about your gardening experience.

This Week On The Land Journalist & Reporters

Initially voluntary then paid part time

This is our version of Landline ABC TV with a firm focus on Wide Bay Burnett agriculture. This is a positive show that takes an up close look at all things on the land in our region from farming practices, new farming techniques, the list goes on.

This is how we see it: Each episode consists of several pre recorded packages shot on location with a focus on a particular subject. This could be an issue growers are facing or a solution to a problem. We then have a small, three or four person panel discussion in the studio sometimes joined by a remote guest via link and with a studio audience. We are seeking persons interested as field producers and or reporters

The facts: Pieced together in the studio and includes a panel discussion about the pre recorded packages we have viewed.

The potential: After producing three or four episodes this host role is flagged to become part time paid. This is the Wide Bay Burnett and Queensland’s only agri program. We see huge potential with this weekly program.

Who are we looking for? A person that has excellent knowledge of agriculture, farming practices and contacts in our region combined with the ability to think on your feet and ask relevant questions to interviewees. We will arrange the rest.

To find more information and if this important role is right for you, in the first instance please call us or fill the form at the bottom of the page.

In Bundy Tonight Live


Initially voluntary then paid part time.

Our flagship weekly live light entertainment show featuring local artists, musicians, visiting celebrities and who or whatever else comes along to join in the fun.

This is how we see it: Take the fun elements of the Graham Norton Show, Rove live and Michael Parkinson then transpose it to regional Australia on a smaller scale. It’s all about fun with entertainment and light weight interviews mixed in for good measure. The old Don Lane show did this format very well and is a good example of what we imagine it could be like.

The facts: Sometimes shot live or pre recorded in the studio with a small audience and can include international guests via video link.

The potential: This could be a game changer for the host as has been proven by Rove McManus, Waleed Alli, Hamish & Andy and Peter Helliar. All had their start on Melbourne channel 31 community TV and successfully migrated to commercial television.

Who are we looking for? This is a big gig and requires a commanding figure to take control. Someone an audience can warm to. A person that is as good a listener as talker, thinks on their feet and does their homework on the guests plus more.

18+ please use the form below to apply or call us.

Apply using this form. All fields must be filled

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